ogopogoagogo asked:

As a straight person, I am drowning in assurance that my straightness is ok every month. I don't haven't rights taken away from me for being straight anywhere. I don't need a straight pride month and neither do you. All it does is belittle the issues non-straight people deal with, and you have to know that. I can't imagine having such an immature 'me too!' attitude.

ctrlgeek answered:

It’s not a manner of a “me too” attitude. If they are allowed to be proud of their sexuality, then so should I. I am not ashamed of being straight. I am rather happy with my sexuality. Therefore, I embrace it, just like they do.





What exactly makes you proud of being straight? Gay people are proud because of all the struggles they’ve overcome; you straighties haven’t overcome/done anything you should be proud of

What’s not to be proud of? I can marry the man that I love, have biological children and I am comfortable in my own skin.

Ok good for you, but that’s nothing new. Most of the world is like that.
Stop trying to be special.

I’m not being special. I’m being normal.

Normal is boring
Things worth being proud of are things beyond the ordinary
Let’s face it, the only purpose of cisgendered heterosexuals are making children.
After they make children, they are to be disposed of immediately.
non-heterosexuals are to take care of matters that are more important and take more brainpower, as heterosexuals lack the mental capacity to do anything other than make babies